Tallarico iliba LutadoresPT e Rumble Pack como responsáveis do adiamento do VGL
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O nosso Tommy “Teleférico” tomando conhecimento do choro do biglord e outros que tais no fórum oficial do VGL, resolveu ele próprio falar sobre o adiamento e esclarecer de quem é afinal a culpa.

Hi Everyone,

This cancellation was devestating to us as well. The Portugese people welcomed us so greatly last year and the show we did was a huge success (although the promoter tried to do 2). We were all looking very forward to coming back (as I mentioned in the video I made).

It makes VGL look unsuccessful when things like this happen so it personally hurts me very much after all of the hard work we’ve done over the years to further game music and build VGL to the level we have.

But unfortunately there is nothing we can do when a promoter runs into difficulties and needs to postpone the show. I believe the economy and sponsorship had a lot to do with the Portugal & some of the Poland shows being rescheduled. Last year in Portugal (for example) they had 2 gaming tents set up outside the event. This year they weren’t able to get the game companies support. 2009 was a very tough year for all concert promoters around the world… especially when corporate sponsorship becomes important.

I was told by Mandrake (local Lisbon promoter) that there had been an announcement to everyone who bought tickets. So that is concerning to us that some people didn’t seem to get the info. I will speak to them about it and find out what could have happened.

The people over at Mandrake are really good people who really do believe in Video Games Live and the fans. To be honest, they lost a bit of money last year (because they needed to cancel one of the shows) but still tried everything in their power to bring us back for 2009. I know it’s easy to be angry and upset (and I feel the same way!), but please believe me when I say that EVERYONE wanted this to work out this time around and I hope no one gives up on us over there. In fact, maybe this can be used to help us out in the future? We need everyone over there to help us spread the news to as many people as possible. Mandrake told us that they did do promotion over there including (as a few people here confirmed)… posters, e-mails, tv commercials, etc.

The fact that Video Games Live once again grew this year (almost 60 shows!) in the most challenging financial climate the world has seen in almost 100 years… is a good thing and a fantastic sign for things to come.

I’d like to personally apologize to all our Porguese supporters. I love your country and I loved performing there. I’m just as disappointed (if not more) as everyone here and I hope to be seeing all of you in 2010.

If any of you have any specific questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them… or to try and get an answer for you.



I was told that one of the reasons that no one knew what was going on until the last moment is that the local promoter (Mandrake) was trying everything in its power to keep the date.

Currently we have no idea when a return date will be held.

Em suma, o adiamento parece não ter tido nada que ver com os lutadoresPT nem com o Rumble Pack.

Um grande owned a esse palhaço do Abul que andou a dizer que estavam relacionados, vejam só as parvoíces, invenções e mentiras que ele tenta desesperadamente passar como verdade só com o único propósito de denegrir a imagem de terceiros, faCto!

– Abul fails big time, huh? –

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Por: Abul-Fadl Nadr al-Atrabulusi

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  1. BigLord diz:

    Esqueceste-te da costumeira fonte literal na palavra “fonte” :P

    Yay, agora dou notícias ao rambele paque, mereço ir ao torneio de NSMBWii pelo RP, faCto!

  2. “This year they weren’t able to get the game companies support.”

    Então mas não a m…oooohh… já percebi. :3

  3. Nelson Patriarca diz:

    Mas os caixistas não iam comprar a tenda do VGL este ano? Como é que não houve guito? Terão só faltado as tendas? Há que indagar á moda do RP

  4. Belela-san diz:

    Desde quando é q a M$ tem poder de venda/publicidade aqui na sonylandia?! Quem acreditou nisso devia tar com uns quantos copinhos em cima XD

  5. Falco diz:

    Tinham metido isso no Porto e esgotava em três tempos…

  6. castigadordaparvoice diz:

    Por acaso nao, no Porto era se fosse PES ou Fifa para ver o FCP a jogar carago.

  7. xzinept diz:

    Tinha de aqui vir só para vos dar um valente cumprimento!

    Muito bom Blog!


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